Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP):

  1. Look younger

  2. Natural results

  3. Long Lasting result

  4. No maintenance

  5. Immediate result

Look So Younger with Scalp Micropigmentation​

10 Reasons ​Why Choose ELKA SMP?

  1. Guaranteed Result

  2. Unbeatable Price 

  3. Sterile equipment

  4. A customised solution for each client

  5. No obligation Free consultation

  6. No Rush Maximum 2 clients a day

  7. Many Happy Customers

  8. Highest quality product and natural based pigments.

  9. Payment Plan Available

  10. Weekend and after hours available

Get Your look Back 

"I've struggle with Hair loss from when I was 16, You Changed My Life" Shane.

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Thinning Hair


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Before & After Videos

SMP for Long Hair

SMP for Baldness

SMP for Thinning Hair

SMP for Hair Transplant Scar

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FUE Hair Transplant Scar
Coverage for FUE Hair Transplant Scar by ELKA SMP
3D look SMP for Blandness
Ladies Hairline
Ladies Hairline
Filling Crown Area
Micro Hair Tattoo for a client with Thinning hair
Grey Hair
Scalp Micropigmentation Before and After photo for a lady with grey hair
Receding Hairline
Scalp Micro Pigmentation before and after photo, for Receding Hairline by ELKA SMP
FUT Hair Transplant Scar
Coverage for FUT Hair Transplant Scar by ELKA SMP
FUT Hair Transplants Scar
Coverage for FUT Hair Transplant Scar by ELKA SMP
Micro Hair Tatoo is done for this client to enhance his look
Ladies receding Hairline
This photo shows before and after photos for receding hairline by ELKA SMP
Brain Surgery Scar
Micro Scalp Pigmentation is done for this client with Brain Surgery Scar
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1. What is Scalp Micropigmentation (Hair Tattoo)?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) also known as Micro Hair Pigmentation and Hair Tattoo is the process of replicating the appearance of shaven hair, by introducing thousands of tiny pigment deposits into the scalp. When placed by a skilled technician, the recipient appears as if they have a full head of hair, shaved to a very short length. With the incredible advantage to any other hair solutions, lots of men and women using this procedure.

2. Is Scalp Micro Pigmentation permanent?


Scalp Micropigmentation lasts about 5-8 years depending on the skin type and sun exposure.

3. Is scalp micropigmentation maintenance free?

Yes, Unlike most of the other hair treatment such as hair transplant which you always need to take medication, SMP is maintenance free and no medication is required after the treatment. All you need is a one session touch up after 5-8 years

4. Does Scalp Micro-Pigmentation hurt?

We use a medical grade numbing cream which is only available for Micropigmentation businesses,  so you won't feel pain.

5. What is the cost of scalp Micropigmentation?

It greatly depends on the area and complexity of the job. We are offering the best price in comparison with our competitors, you can pay by credit also, Payment Plan is available.

6. What is aftercare instruction for SMP?

SMP is a maintenance free procedure from the first, The only thing we ask you is to use is the cap shower when you are taking shower for 3 days.

7. Which hairline shape suits me the best?

There is soft and sharp hairline look, Our artist is professional and knows what shape suits you the best, but we discuss with you and draw your customised hairline based on your preferences.

8. How long does the Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment take?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is 3 session treatment, and each session takes about 3-4 hours. First two sessions the density of the area is increased and the last session gaps are filled and bled with sides.

9. How does payment plan work?

Our Payment plan is very easy and convenient, you don't need to provide anything you can select payment days, and the number of instalment, it's interest-free as wellFor more info call us Call us at 1300 117 914 

10. Who can benefit from Scalp Micropigmentation?

Almost everyone who has hair loss can benefit from Scalp Micropigmentation. People who have Thinning hair,  Baldness, Alopecia, Brain surgery Scar, Hair transplant Scar and people who did hair transplant and are not satisfied with their result can benefit from this life-changing procedure. More information on how SMP can help each of these treatments here.

11. What are other names of Scalp Micropigmentation(SMP)?

Scalp Micropigmentation is also known as:
Micro Scalp Pigmentation(MSP), Microscalp PigmentationScalp pigmentationScalp tattoo, Hair tattooingMicro Hair PigmentationMicro hair technique/procedure/simulationHair simulation tattooHair replicationCosmetic hair follicle replicationHair replicationHair follicle replication  Head tattoo, 3D ScalpMicro hair tattoo

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We are specialist in Scalp micropigmentation, our great artistic talent is the key to knowing what type of Hairlines would mostly be suitable for your particular shape of the face. we strongly believe that a high-quality SMP should be affordable for anyone who suffers from Hair loss. 
Our great passion is creating the natural look at ELKA-SMP, surely make you feel happier and younger.

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 ELKA SMP is a Scalp Micro-Pigmentation company with many happy customers.  our goal is making people happier with helping them get their look of full hair back, with our great technique and help of the hands of our professional artists.


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ELKA-SMP will design a professional hairline or Cover scar perfectly which is fully personalized for your specific case, we proud to give a high-quality service.

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