Hair Tattooing VS Hair Transplant. Which one is for me? Complete Guide.

When you accepted that you have a hair loss that has a point of no return, you need to get back your hair in another way. Fortunately, there are a few options to restore your hairline back cosmetically through Hair Tattooing (Scalp Micropigmentation) as well as invasive surgery (Hair Transplantation). Both surgical hair transplants and non-surgical Scalp Micropigmentation are not only safe but effective. Also, they are maintenance-free and can be easily completed in as few as 1 to 3 treatment sessions.

Choosing between Hair Tattooing and Hair Transplant
Hair Tattooing VS Hair Transplant

Hair Tattooing Or Hair Transplant? Which one you should choose?

Based on the amount of your hair loss, and whether you like your hair long or happy to keep it short the answer varies. Some clients might be able to use both treatments as complementary procedures while others might only use one of the treatments. Finally, for a few clients, none of the procedures can help. Here are a few things you should consider before going ahead with any of them.

  • First of all, you should know that not everyone is a good candidate for Hair Transplant or Hair tattoo. In this post, we try to empower you with the knowledge you require to choose the right treatment before you spend your time and hard-earned money on any of them.

A good candidate for Hair Transplant: In an ideal world, I would recommend you to go to SMP specialist or Hair Transplant specialist to find out, but there is a big problem here: Money.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of clients that have gone through Hair Transplant or SMP, It didn’t work and now they come to do their SMP. Even I (Not Hair Transplant Specialist) could realise that those clients are not good candidates for hair transplants in the first place. But because hair transplant is an expensive procedure, a lot of clinics might not tell their clients. During years of experience and seeing a lot of clients, I can confidently say that in practice Hair transplant only works if your hair loss is very limited and It’s only in front of your hair. Here is a quote from Dr Bhatti:

‘hair transplant in the crown is a failure’. Worse is, when these grafts grow out, the illusion of dense coverage will still be a distant dream.

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In Conclusion, Hair transplant can only help if you have very limited hair loss and in front of your hair and obviously you have enough donor hair. If you have a significant amount of hair loss specially in your crown area, this won’t give the result you are looking for.

So, the only available maintenance-free option, if you have significant hair loss in crown area, is Scalp Micropigmentation.

A good candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP): Like Hair Transplant, not everyone is a good candidate for SMP procedure. SMP artists should let their clients know if they are good candidates for SMP or not and if the client is a good candidate for SMP, they should let them know about what they can achieve and limitations.

 Unfortunately, people who lost all of their hair in front of their heads and want to keep their hair long are not good candidates for SMP. The reason is: SMP look like shaved hair that doesn’t grow, so, for a client who wants to keep their hair long, It doesn’t work. Because SMP in a bald patch in front of the hair looks like shaved hair and in other parts of the scalp they have long hair. However, If the client happy to keep their hair short, SMP can be applied.

The other group of people that SMP doesn’t work is people with blonde color hair. Some SMP Clinics claim they can do blonde hair but in reality, SMP can’t help match simply because SMP works with a contrast between hair follicles and skin.

 When a blonde person shaves their hair, you can hardly see any hair follicles and SMP can’t help match. Apart from these two groups of clients, all other people are good candidates for SMP.

In case you lost all of your hair in an area of your head, SMP can help you if you are happy to keep your hair short.

If your scalp doesn’t have any bald patch and there is some hair in your hairline area, you can have a full set of hair and you can choose to keep your hair short or long.

If you lost hair in the crown area and you want to keep your hair long, SMP can help and It looks natural but the result won’t be perfect.

Here are some samples of our work which shows how SMP helped clients with their hair loss.

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